I bought this 2003 Volkswagen Golf TDI 2-door in September of 2010 after searching far and wide (on the internet) for the perfect TDI, and my heart was set the moment I saw this one. Low miles, reasonable price, 2-door, and it was a good excuse for a mini road trip. Called the guy up and after talking for about an hour I put down a $500 deposit. One week later flew over to Phoenix, AZ and after a 5-hour energy drink and 9 hours of cracked out highway cruising, I made it back to my home in Pismo Beach, CA. Here are some pictures of how it sat the day after I purchased it:

The first thing I did was a semi "Joey Mod" on the headlights. I took them apart, painted part of the inside housing black and replaced the fogged plastic lenses with new glass lenses:

Next was suspension. I ordered a set of V-maxx coilovers which had adjustable height and dampening control:

Dampening adjuster knobs:

Installed the coilovers and took the hubcaps off. Drove around like this for about two weeks while I searched for some wheels and let the coilovers settle:

Then I installed a 22mm H&R front sway bar to tighten things up a bit and prevent axle binding:

I picked up a set of OEM Long Beach 17" wheels. The tires were shot so I had new 225/45/17's mounted and I got them on the car:

A few days later, I got my ride height a little more dialed in:

Gathered up some more goodies. Mint 3-spoke steering wheel, 15mm ECS spacers with bolts, new dogbone mounts:

Installed the 15mm spacers in the rear and some GTI tail lights and snapped some pictures:

My car made it into the February 2011 issue of EuroTuner magazine:

Installed the 3-spoke steering wheel and took a random picture outside my house:

I bought a set of 20mm spacers and installed those in the rear and moved the 15mm's to the front to dial in the fitment a bit more:

Front clearance:

Rear clearance:

Replaced the dogbone bushings. At first, it made the car vibrate really bad during acceleration but once the bushings settled it went away and all was well:

This is the last picture I took of the TDI before I sold it in April of 2011. I only owned the car for about 7 months, but I had the opportunity to make some good profit on it, so I decided to sell it. It was an awesome car and will always be one of my favorites.